The kitchen is the focal point of family well-being, therefore, in accordance with the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing the Feng Shui space, it is desirable to have it in a certain place, calculated specifically for each apartment. Moreover, these days there are opportunities for this. Kitchen Design 2020 Trends - see 100 photos of kitchen interior novelties in our selection.


Gone are the days when the kitchen was dispensed with randomly selected cabinets, and a place for it served as a nook, close to the hallway and somewhere near the door to the toilet.


Today, built-in kitchen furniture, which includes the necessary equipment, is an indispensable companion of the front living room and perhaps the most important part of all home decoration.

Of course, guests come nevertheless infrequently, but family members meet in the kitchen at least three times a day. Therefore, it is in your interests to do everything possible to turn the simple procedure of absorbing food into a relaxed and enjoyable pastime for households.

For this, when arranging the interior of the kitchen in 2020, it is necessary to take into account the smallest details of the layout and equipment, which will ultimately provide the desired comfort.

The services of a professional measurer are a guarantee that the interior of the kitchen will fit perfectly into the space allotted to it.

Based on the given parameters, experts will select the optimal composition of the new kitchen design, since the modular layout principle allows you to construct the required option from typical components.


The design options of the built-in kitchens offered today are usually suitable for rooms of any size and are able to accurately occupy the area allocated to them. But this place must be prepared in advance and carefully, and the selection of furniture should begin long before the purchase and installation.

In order to properly connect the equipment, it is necessary to provide the necessary connection of communications, taking into account a specific set of furniture.

In order to avoid possible disappointments due to the sudden gaps between the kitchen and the walls, it is very important to strictly withstand all the vertical and horizontal walls, ceiling, floor. The main thing at this stage is the stylistic correspondence of the selected fashionable kitchen to the interior of the home.


Kitchen manufacturers take into account all the variety of tastes of customers, so in the same salon you can find both a laconic hi-tech with a predominance of glass and metal, and a luxurious “classic”, replete with panels and brass inserts (or even with gilded details). But country-style kitchens will be appropriate among the walls of wood and rough stone.

Recent trends in 2020 in the field of kitchen design indicate that the most preferable among buyers are about to use the kitchen, characterized by the variety of materials used and the multicolor facades.


For example, stylish kitchens 2020 - the Progetto Sistema model manufactured by the Italian Atma concern is characterized by a combination of:

- glass
- aluminum
- of stainless steel,
- natural veneer
- as well as contrast coloring of individual parts.

Architects recommend that when drafting a kitchen design plan, three of the most important factors be considered - the location of the sink, stove and refrigerator. It seems unbelievable, but the housewife walks up to 4 km a day, most of which just consists of segments between the vertices of this triangle.

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It would be optimal to place them from each other at arm's length, but is it worth saying that in the case of the most common frontal and angular layouts, this is practically unattainable. Unusual, but already popular option - “island” modern cuisine. Apparently, it is her future.


According to the project of MARCHI students, the concept kitchen is a circle, in the center of which there is a stove with an extractor fan, and along the perimeter there is a sink, work surfaces and a breakfast table.
The factories "Elt" and "Announcement" offer, in turn, to separate the dining area from the cooking area by the so-called counter, consisting of cabinets with a sink, stove and work surfaces.

Inside the semicircle of the Galaxie model, there is a circle with a sink and a table. In other samples of this company, the sink is included in a rectangular volume, which also includes a desktop.

The already mentioned design of the Acropolis kitchen (designer P. Pininfarina) is completely an outlandish horseshoe-shaped composition of steel and aluminum, standing up in which you feel not the housewife, but the captain of the spaceship.

The following technique, which is used today by many leading manufacturers, is very effective: all the hoses (pipes with hot and cold water, power cables, etc.) are hidden in the legs.

It seems that the water in the tap really comes from nowhere. This may boast German Miele kitchens, in which the “island” of the stove and sink literally “hovers” in the middle of the room.

A modern set of kitchen equipment includes:

- cooker
- an oven and / or
- microwave hood
- a dishwasher
- waste shredder and,
Of course, a refrigerator.

We note the appearance on the Russian market of the so-called American refrigerators (side-by-side models) with two vertical chambers (freezing and refrigerating), the doors of which open in different directions. They are designed for a large and spacious kitchen.

Refrigerators from Miele, Liebherr, AEG are distinguished by sophisticated electronics and can even be controlled via the Internet, a clear trend of the 2020 kitchen.

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A premium Siemens refrigerator has a built-in door and 45-degree rotatable LCD screen for watching TV shows, video tapes and DVDs.

The TeleSafe system in Liebherr refrigerators is capable of informing by mobile phone about the temperature increase in the freezer.

For the installation of one of the most expensive and technologically sophisticated Acropolis kitchens of the Italian company Snaidero, costing about 100,000 euros, a team of assemblers specially flies from Italy.

A discrepancy in the accuracy of the communications wiring is permissible here unless within the range of 1-2 mm they are “trained” to warn about the end of the shelf life of packages. The general trend of the kitchen 2020 is to integrate the refrigerator into the kitchen furniture when it looks like one of the cabinets.

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An important role in creating maximum comfort is played by the material of the countertops for a stylish kitchen. In Europe, they long ago abandoned the use of laminated particleboard in favor of stone countertops that can also serve grandchildren.

For modern kitchens, polished granite and marble are most often used. But such a relatively new material, like Corian, may well serve as an equivalent replacement, since it is not inferior to natural brethren in either strength or moisture absorption, and its color scheme is much richer.

Sprayed American Granicoat also refers to artificial stone.

The Italian material of the company Santa Margherita is made of marble chips and binding resins, and the German Schock is made of granite. All varieties of artificial stone are very resistant to acids and alkalis.

In addition, from them you can order not only countertops, but also sinks, even wall panels in the same style and color of the kitchen.

For example, the collection of stylish kitchen Non Plus Ultra by the Italian factory Strata includes a sink in the form of a cube made of white marble, next to which there is a steel box.

Immediately, several Western firms had a novelty for the kitchen - an all-metal worktop with squeezed sink bowls and rounded edges. Similar samples are made of artificial stone.

The trend of the 2020 kitchen is solid tabletops, they are practically devoid of weaknesses inherent in ordinary stone tabletops - the possibility of water seeping into the cracks between the table and the sink, and chipping along the edges.

Recently, such countertops began to produce in Russia. So, one of the new products of the Logotask company “flaunts” the stainless steel countertop.

Some companies are limited to using metal only in parts of the countertop. The wide rounded metal edge is a peculiar visiting card of the fashionable Americana cuisine of the Italian company Giemmegi.

The current choice of equipment for modern kitchen design can enter into a stupor even of the sophisticated consumer. It is worth recalling that ordering equipment together with furniture allows you to save a lot of money: salons offer large discounts on products from certain manufacturers.

The finishing touch of the kitchen interior is the hood. Naturally, it should be in harmony with the headset: a sparkling metal cylinder and pastel colors, a dome with a wooden edging will be appropriate only in the appropriate environment.

A neutral option can be considered hoods with a design of glass - they are somewhat vague with the modern style as a whole.

Pursuing the interior of the kitchen, we show our individuality. Indeed, as P. Pininfarina noted: “Design is a way to create new images, a visual message.”

The more thoughtful and harmonious the appearance of a stylish kitchen will be, the more others will know about you. And it may turn out that the road to a new reality will be an unforgettable journey to oneself. Kitchen Design 2020 - current trends in the interior photo selection for you: